On September 26, 2013, the Boundless Way Temple community purchased the property at 1030 Pleasant Street. This is the fulfillment of a long-held dream — to have a Temple that is wholly owned and operated by the community.

As we have grown into an active and committed community, the need for a dedicated temple with residential capacity has become increasingly evident as essential for:

  • Offering regular meditation opportunities
  • Hosting sesshin and other intensive training and study opportunities
  • Offering workshops and trainings to develop healthy and whole Zen teachers and practitioners
  • Conducting jukai and transmission ceremonies, as well as weddings, funerals, and religious celebrations
  • Providing a center for community social life and outreach for those in need
  • Housing an administrative office and serving as a seat of operations.

In pursuit of this dream, we launched a capital campaign to purchase the Pleasant St. property in Worcester for $525,000. Our goal was to raise a $300,000 down payment and secure a mortgage for the balance by this fall. We were very moved and grateful to report that over 40 individuals donated or pledged over $260,000 toward this goal. This includes a very generous $20,000 donation from our umbrella organization, Boundless Way Zen.

You can continue to support the ongoing work of the Temple by making your tax-deductible donation via PayPal by clicking below; or you may make a pledge. You may also simply send a check made payable to Boundless Way Temple (Boundless Way Temple at 1030 Pleasant St., Worcester, MA 01602). Please specify whether you would like your donation or pledge used to pay down the mortgage principal or to contribute to the general expenses of running the Temple, which include monthly mortgage payments.

If you would like more information, you can find background details about our planning process, or you may contact Diane Fitzgerald.

Thank you for your generosity!



Thank you for your generosity!