The Maitreya Society

Securing the Future For Those Who Come After Us

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new initiative for Boundless Way Temple: a campaign to establish a FUND FOR THE FUTURE.Over the past five years, we have made great progress toward fulfilling our mission of being a vital center for Zen practice for ourselves, for those around us and for those who come after us. We are integrally tied into the larger Boundless Way Zen organization, providing a site for residential retreat opportunities as well as supporting the development of Dharma leaders. We are also a well-established center of daily meditation and activity for the local community.

As we appreciate our current success, we also look to the future, to help ensure that the Boundless Way Temple is available not just for us and those around us, but for those who come after us. One way we are deepening our commitment to the future is by establishing a new Fund for the Future. This fund will be supported by direct contributions and by Planned Giving donations. It will serve as a resource to support the health and growth of the Temple as we move forward, and to help sustain the work of Boundless Way Temple long after we’re gone.

We invite you to help us launch this new initiative by making a Planned Gift to Boundless Way Temple, and becoming a charter member of our new Maitreya Society. As a member of this community of supporters, you commit to invest in the future of the Dharma through a legacy gift to Boundless Way Temple. You will not only realize tax benefits, but also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to ensure a new American Zen of practitioners and teachers who are vital, loving and fully engaged in the world of family, work, and community.

A Together Practice

The beauty of Planned Giving is that it is a “together practice.” Its power derives not so much from any single gift, but from the pooling of many gifts, both large and small. As part of the Temple Fund for the Future, your gift will help to generate dividends. This dependable source of funds will allow the Temple to continue to grow and change with the needs of the community.

Ways to Give

Your Planned Gift to Boundless Way Temple may be made in several ways:

    • Life Insurance: Name Boundless Way Temple as the beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy.
    • Retirement Assets: Name Boundless Way Temple as a beneficiary of your pension plan or IRA.
    • Bequests: Set aside a gift for Boundless Way Temple in your will or living trust.


Sample Bequest Language

A general bequest: “I give the sum of_______ dollars ($_____) to Boundless Way Temple, of Worcester, Massachusetts, for its general purpose and use.”
A residuary bequest: “I give _______ percent (___%) of the residue of my estate to Boundless Way Temple, of Worcester, Massachusetts, for its general purpose and use.”

About the Fund

The funds donated to the Fund for the Future will be held by Boundless Way Temple in a segregated investment account. The funds will be invested with a socially responsible investment instrument under the stewardship of the Temple Leadership Council. The Council will be charged with using this resource for the long-term benefit of the Temple. Any use of the funds will require a 2/3 majority vote of the Temple Leadership Council.

This resource might be used to fund projects such as:

  • Capital improvements on the Temple
  • Expansion of facilities or programs
  • Scholarship support for developing Dharma leaders
  • Sponsoring events that would bring other Buddhist leaders together at the Temple
  • Outreach to open the Dharma to a wider audience within our community and beyond

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

You can help ensure that Boundless Way Temple remains a Place of Beauty and Practice for all those who come after us. Through Planned Giving to Boundless Way Temple’s Fund for the Future, you can make a unique gift: one that keeps on giving. Your gift joins those of others, to create a larger pool of funds.

Like ripples in a pond, that pool can generate a continual flow of income to support the work of the Temple. Long after your physical body is gone, your bodhisattva work will continue to support the awakening of all beings.

Boundless Way Temple is a religious public charity. It is an affiliate of Boundless Way Zen, which is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.